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5. Community Clubs

Haddington Rugby Club is a popular base for many community clubs, groups, and teams. We are very proud of the facilities we can offer, which enable many local organisations to meet in a safe, practical, inclusive environment.

Many clubs and groups hold their weekly meetings at the club, including music clubs, scouting organisations, as well as fitness and well-being groups.

We recently redeveloped our clubhouse, meaning we can now offer facilities for disabled people, including ramps, toilets, and a lift to the first floor.

Our clubhouse includes a fully equipped kitchen, a bar, and a dance floor (which is popular for children's and fitness clubs). Alternatively, you can choose our informal cafe area, or the Committee Room for a more intimate meeting.

Our new changing rooms are equipped with seating, toilets, and showers. Two of the changing rooms also include a physio couch. These are ideal for all players across all team sports, and all age groups.

We are able to house male and female players in our changing rooms, with new dedicated female changing rooms located in our new clubhouse extension, offering both privacy and safety to all players.

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